Destinations / USA

The USA has a variety of possibilities, there are not that many countries in the world that can boast of so much natural beauty, this includes mountains, beaches, rainforests, deserts, canyons, glaciers along with cities that have much to explore, great music and plenty of other surprises. You can walk, you can ride but one of the best ways to discover this amazing country is definetly on a road trip. It has a total of four million miles of highways that will take you past red-rock deserts, mountain peaks and wheat fields. If you are wondering where to start, a few good suggestions would be the hillsides of the Great Plains, the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest or the country lanes of New England. The many famous big cities of the USA which include LA, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, Boston and NYC are all brimming with culture, cuisine and entertainment.

The USA truly is a food loving nation, barbecue ribs, smoked brisket, dishes made with organic produce with Asian accents, bagels, lox, pancakes, fried eggs, lobster all come together to create an amazing culinary experience. When it comes to culture, the USA has much to offer. Cities like Chicago and New York are drawing boards for architects of the modern era. The variety of music in this country ranges from jazz, funk, blues, country and rock most of which was invented here. The best time to visit the USA is during the Spring time months of March to July.