Destinations / Thailand

Affectionate and fun loving, foreign and tropical, cultured and famous, Thailand emits a golden color from its shinning temples and exotic beaches right to the ever-consoling Thai smile.

Shinning temples and golden Buddha’s shape both the country and new terrain. Historic banyan trees are ritually enveloped in holy cloth to give glory to the local spirits, lucky temples embellish meek homes and also enormous malls, while wreath-decorated dashboards keep off traffic accidents. Tourists could join the discussion via meditation escapes in Chiang Mai, spiritual festivals in northeastern Thailand, underground cave temples in Kanchanaburi and Phetchaburi and mountainside shrines in northern Thailand.

With a lengthy shoreline (in fact, two shorelines) and forest-covered islands harbored in blue waters, Thailand is a tropical escape for the pleasure seeker and the loner, the wealthy traveller and the budget tourists. This heaven provides a diverse menu: enjoying yourself in the kind surf of Ko Lipe, diving with whale sharks off Ko Tao, ascending the sea precipice of Krabi, kiteboarding in Hua Hin, having fun on Ko Phi Phi, recovering at a health retreat on Ko Samui and eating on the beach wherever sand encounters ocean.

Amid the littered cities and towns is the countryside interior, which is a blend of rice paddies, sweltering jungles and squat villages strapped to the farming clock. In the north, the jungles and fields go up versus attractive blue mountains adorned with silvery waterfalls. In the south, thin limestone precipices stick out of the gracious terrain like ancient high-rises.