Destinations / Mauritius

Located off the south east coast of Africa, Mauritius is an island that sits like a jewel in the Indian Ocean. Known as one of the most spectacular islands in the world, Mauritius warmly welcomes hordes of tourists to enjoy a vacation like no other. Imagine walking on the white sandy beaches with the soft waves of the endless turquoise ocean kissing the shoreline, taking a journey into the deep heritage of the country, exploring scenic natural wonders, embarking on exhilarating adventures and enjoying gourmet meals… this is what Mauritius is all about.

Steeped in a rich historical and cultural background, Mauritius is a kaleidoscope of vast stretches of palm-fringed beaches, thriving forests, quaint villages and rich natural reserves, all of which combine to make this island a heavenly paradise. The throbbing diversity of the Mauritius culture attracts tourists from all over the world to explore the melting pot of heritage, ancestry and traditions that converge to form a multi-faceted nation. The vast expanses of jewel-like golden sands with the pristine beaches before it is one of Mauritius’ most loved attractions. However, the country’s lure doesn’t simply end there; explore the vivid scenery of the landscape on horseback, trek on exhilarating mountain trails, skydive into the colorful landscape as you take in an aerial wonder of this stunning island and step off the beaten track by plunging in breathtaking waterfalls. This heavenly oasis of the Indian Ocean makes nature lovers fall deeply in love with its scenic landscapes and enthralls visitors with its ethnicity, exuberance and timeless wonders.

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