Destinations / Croatia

If your Mediterranean dreams comprise of temperate days by turquoise waters in the shadow of historic enclosed settlements, Croatia is the place to turn those into real life.

It’s remarkable island-spotted shoreline is clearly its leading appeal. The initial thing that hits you is the purity of the water. When it's placed against a breathtaking white stony beach it glitters with a gem-like force in colors of emerald and sapphire. There are lengthy sandy and beach extents too – ideal for idle days spent relaxing and consuming trashy holiday books.

Move your stare for just a second from the shinning waters and possibilities are a supreme mountain would come into your sight. The Dinaric Alps, which extends all the way from Italy to Albania, embrace most of the shore. The limestone landscapes have left a nirvana of rocky summits, caves, river gorges, waterfalls and insanely attractive lakes. Travel more inside and things even out again into plunging countryside.

Uncertainly balanced amid the Balkans and mid Europe, this land has been moved amid participating realms, kingdoms and democracies for years. If there's a good side to this constant displacement, it's in the wealthy cultural inheritance that every one of them have left behind. Venetian palazzi cuddle up to Napoleonic castles, Roman pillars extend from ancient Slavic chapels, and Viennese manors contest with Socialist Realist carvings. Brilliant museums display riches that blanket the range of European past, from the primitive age to the current times, telling a tale that is in fair portions interesting and frightening.

It provides a distinctive blend of all the stuff that you enjoy: spectacular pure charms, brilliant swimming, summertime sunlight, lots of past sites to tour, fascinating structures, magnificent wine as well as some delectable seafood.