Destinations / Laos

A nation of the lotus eaters among the swollen evolution of its neighbors, Laos ushers together the best of Southeast Asia in one tiny destination. With its black and contemplating forest, bright emerald rice fields, and the shinning tea leaves that cover the peaks, the terrain in Laos alters in colors of green like a chameleon. But it's not just the alluring sceneries that are green: when it comes to ecotourism, Laos is directing the way in Southeast Asia. Safeguarded regions reign in distant regions of the country and community-built trekking merges these striking pure appeals with the opportunity to encounter the 'true Laos' with a village accommodation.

Laos keeps most of the customs that have vanished in a hysteria of growth elsewhere in the district. It's difficult to trust sleepy Vientiane is an Asian metropolis, and there's a lasting standard to country life, where elevated homes and paddy fields seem like they are straight out of a movie scene. Extraordinary Luang Prabang carries evidence to plenty of saffron-robed monks moving between the roads every morning in a cry to alms, one of the provinces emblematic scenes. Fearless tourists would find a country untouched by mass tourism and Asia in slow-motion.

Laos is adored for a reason. Thrill finders could misplace themselves in lower level river caverns, on jungle ziplines or while ascending karsts. Nature fans could take a stroll on the primitive side and see foreign animals like gibbons or elephants. Lifestyle scavengers could tour historic temples and plunge themselves in Lao religious life. Foodies could enliven up their lives with a Lao cooking class or go gourmand in the French-speaking towns. And if all this seems a little too difficult, then relax with a spa session or yoga class. Laos is Asia at its most varied.