Destinations / India

India is the most enchanting, vivid, spiritual and life-changing country in the world. People who have visited India thoroughly enjoyed an assault on their senses. Undoubtedly, the multicultural country of India is a world in itself. A destination of stunning diversity - from the majestic landscapes and gastronomic flavours to ancient traditions and well-preserved heritage - India will excite your passion, soothe your soul and trigger your senses.

If you are planning a holiday to India, prepare yourself to encounter the unexpected. A newcomer to India might find this massive land enveloped in spirituality. With several sacred sites, temples and rituals, the length and breadth of India is simply soul stirring. Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg; it's much more than one can comprehend. Whether you are a historian, a foodie, a person in search of peace or an explorer drawn towards something new, Indian never disappoints.

As a cultural cocktail, there are places that cater to every traveller. Whether it’s the impressive capital city of Delhi, the tinsel-town of Mumbai, the immortal city of Kolkata or Chennai and beyond, India is host to abundant landforms right from Kashmir to Kerala and Kutch to Kohima. You name it - beaches, hill-stations, stylish cities, quaint villages and towns, every aspect creates a magnetic-pull attracting multitude every year. Try not to cover maximum ground on your first visit. Cherish a leisurely discovery, taking in a few major tourist sites with an enjoyable countryside stay. This is the best way to avoid fatigue and maintain your sense of humour.