Destinations / Peru

Truly, there is no place like Peru! Formerly, this destination was not on everyone’s bucket list. Well, it is now! Handcrafted with the most amazing natural beauty, thriving wildlife, vivid locals drenched in history, Peru is jaw-dropping for all the fantastic reasons you can imagine. There’s so much to explore and experience, you might end up narrowing your wish list and prefer gastronomic delights of Lima, the puzzling and sanctified Machu Picchu and a few beach activities towards Northern Peru.

According to your travel plans, you land in Lima, the amazing prehistoric jewel among the Andes that never fails to impress. The colourfully dressed locals are ever happy to receive you into their homes showering food and love. The city has a stunning culinary scene with top-notch restaurants and burger joints like Bembo with exciting activities for kids. Hire a 4WD and explore Cusco and the Sacred Valley in a group; it will be reasonable. Enjoy your walk towards ancient villages, encounter graceful llamas, and friendly local kids with their million-dollar smile. Just one advice - be flexible and travel in your own vehicle, keeping your valuables safe and close.

The main feature of Peru is Machu Picchu. Exploring it widely and vividly is totally a different experience, with a guide of course. The fantastic description and the interpretation will be overwhelming. You can conclude your trip in the north, where you can rent a fantastic beach spot called Vichayito, which is highly famous for surfing and other activities. Peru's affluent cultural heritage is purely ethereal. Whether you explore the ancient shrines and temples, dig out its historical past, spot rare macaws in the Amazon basin, get hypnotised by the festival fervour, climb mountains, discover Floating Reed Islands at Lake Titicaca, hike the Cordillera Blanca, visit Colonial Arequipa or learn about the Inca dynasty, adventure generally lies in getting there.