Destinations / Greek Islands

Overtaken by marvellous blue waters and showered with sun-bleached remains, the Greek islands would occupy your vision with legendary stories, your stomach with native dishes and your spirit with real tranquility.

You don't warily immerse your toes into the warm Aegean; you plunge in head first. The same is correct with island life. Immerse the great charm of Santorini or wallow in the throbbing nightlife of Mykonos. Roam across rich wildflowers in spring or relax on remote sandy bays during summer. Come to be familiarized with the sad beat of rembetika (blues songs) and the flavor of home-made tzatziki. The day’s vanish from one to the other, packed with huge blue skies and never-ending miles of turquoise shores fortunate with some of Europe’s purest beaches. Most tourists just stay and never go back.

Travel to an island dock to see the daily catch fall from the fishermen's nets; seafood takes a delightful place in various Greek kitchens and nowhere is it newer than on the islands. Greeks take delight in their food and would go out of their way to make certain you are well fed. Fundamental components like feta and olive oil are accompanied by creamy cheeses and distinctive, sour greens. The Italian inheritance of pasta takes on a clear-cut Greek approach, with lush sauces and maybe mussels steamed in ouzo or freshly cooked garlic. Customary cuisines, which includes grilled peppers packed with rice and cheese or grilled lamb with fresh lemon and mint, would entice you over and over.

Roam down cobbled Byzantine pathways, trek into volcanoes, kayak with dolphins, look for sea turtles and cycle along rich jungles.