Destinations / Jordan

Jordan is a newcomer in the world of tourism, delighting tourists with its World Heritage sites, awe-inspiring rugged landscapes, beaches, churches and appealing towns. The country has a terrific past – camel caravans flooded the national highway along with tradesmen and gallant troupes marching in and out of the land, leaving behind captivating memorials and monuments. Apart from being a nation full of hills, coastal trails, palaces and religious places, the sandstone carved city of Petra is the gem in the crown that imparts mood shifts and rewards even the most tiresome traveller.

If you recall watching The Lawrence of Arabia, you will be drawn to the expanse of the Wadi Rum, a vast protected wilderness graced with dramatic domed sandstones and many rock carvings. The panorama of Jordan is not restricted to its jaw-dropping ruggedness. Other natural beauties consist of reddish canyons, palm trees, natural springs, rich olive trees and the famed Red Sea basin. You can explore other biblical sites, take in the vistas of the Promised Land and Bethany, where Jesus was baptised.

With such striking natural beauty and history, the incursion of tourists, trade and tourism has fuelled novelty especially in the capital city of Amman. With modern markets, upscale restaurants, bars and attractions, Amman is much more than just a city; it's a destination in its own right. Jordan is a safe haven where hospitality rules. It is overwhelming to hear welcoming words and receive invitations at the local shops and homes as well. In the end, it's all about a glass of sweet tea and heartfelt conversation that makes you see it all.